An invitation from A. E. Lowan to The Books of Binding


Welcome to the webpage for A. E. Lowan, author of The Books of Binding. Our series is a dark urban fantasy centered around the fictional city of Seahaven, Washington. At its core, it is a multi-generational saga about the importance of found families, our duties to one another, and the way our actions affect the larger world around us. Along the way we will meet heroes and villains and many characters that fall somewhere in between. Our stories encompass love, loss, joy, regret, humor, horror, the fantastical, the mundane, the best and the worst that people, whatever their degree of humanity, have to offer.

This site, like The Books of Binding themselves, will be growing over time. We invite you to come back often to see what is new in our world. There will be original fiction that is only available here as well as more in-depth looks into the people of Seahaven and the larger world they inhabit. The Books of Binding have been a labor of love for years and we are excited to share this world with you all, at last. Welcome to Seahaven.

Our Current Project

Faerie Rising: The First Book of Binding begins our story with Winter Mulcahy. Winter is many things to Seahaven, Washington, the city with the highest per capita preternatural population in the world. She is a physician, a wizard, and the last flickering light of law keeping chaos at bay.

Winter holds the city together by the skin of her teeth, the blood of her friends, and an addiction to stimulants that is killing her. Two faerie lords approach the young wizard and claim that her city is harboring a fugitive who has kidnapped a prince, and that they are on a mission to rescue the boy.

They investigate, and what they find are wild magics, rifts between realms, and the deadly waters of preternatural politics all colliding to rip the city both figuratively and literally apart.